Inviting all Artists and Makers to participate in the ‘Recycl-Age Art’ exhibition taking place between 9-11July 2021, as part of Edinburgh Science Festival’s ‘Coastal Knowledge’ project.

granton:hub is pleased to announce that our community is now included in the ‘Coastal Knowledge’ project funded by the RSE Young Academy Scotland and led by Dr Niki Vermeulen (University of Edinburgh) celebrating Scotland’s (prolonged) year of coast and waters. As a coastal community, Granton plays a part in developing diverse forms of knowledge about the coast and experiences that people have living and working on the coast. The Recycl-Age Art exhibition has been selected as part of this Coastal Knowledge project and will now be included in the Edinburgh Science festival offering artists a unique opportunity to showcase their work.

The exhibition will take place on the 9th, 10th and 11th of July 2021, subject to COVID restrictions. 

Recycl-Age Art is open to painters, printmakers, photographers, textile artists, ceramicists, jewellers, composers, poets, new media artists. We welcome artworks that:

(1) incorporate recycled elements

(2) may entirely be made up of recycled materials

(3) reflect on what recycling means or represents, either figuratively or conceptually. For example, how waste affects our environments; plastic pollution affecting wildlife in marine environments and shorelines; what innovation can offer as a solution to the recycling challenges

Granton:hub will make available all exhibition spaces as well as the community garden for temporary installations. Entry is free but artists will be charged a commission of 20% for every piece sold. Please note that all entries must be for sale.

To enter please send an e-mail to and include the artwork’s title, one image, the price and full dimensions by the deadline of 16 May 2021.  Please also include your full contact details, short bio/CV and website, if available. A maximum of 3 artworks may be entered, but not all may be selected.
In case of 3D entries, please give a description of all materials used. Works in progress can be submitted but an image of the final artwork must be sent in by 18 June. There are no restrictions on media used, nor the size of works submitted, but please consider that gallery space is limited and restrictions will apply in the community garden.

If submitting music or digital entries, then please also give the running time (in minutes) and a short description of the piece.

Applicants will receive notification of selection by the 31st of May.

Additional Terms and Conditions


Artists will be responsible  for curating and invigilating their work. Previews and exhibition times will be promoted through granton:hub mailing list and its website and social media presence. Artists are encouraged to carry out their own promotion and networking.


Whilst every possible care will be taken of works submitted, granton:hub cannot be responsible for any loss or damage incurred during the exhibition. granton:hub does not insure the exhibits. Artists are advised to insure their own work.

Sales & Commission

Artists and/or their agents must attend throughout the exhibition to discuss and promote their work, and complete sales. Artists and makers who have a successful sale will be charged 20%  for EACH work sold. Fees are payable by cash or cheque within seven days of the close of the exhibition. 

Plinths and Display Equipment

Artists will need to bring their own plinth(s).

If submitting video or music, artists must bring their own equipment and must ensure equipment  is PAT tested, with proof of its compliance PRIOR to the exhibition opening.

Removal of Works

The exhibition space must be vacated clean and the walls left tidy and in their original condition. 


It will be assumed that the organisers will be able to take photos during the event which can be used on granton:hub social media and websites. Credits will be included where feasible.

For any further information please contact or 07704856970