Catriona Atken * David Blakeley * Jane Chisholm * Nathalie Cortada * Muriel Dorthe * Konstantina (Ntina)  Doryforou * Kate Downie * Leo du Feu * Gina Fierlafijn (featuring Harry Bongo) * Julie Galante * Victoria Gazeley * Lynn Hanley * Jenny Haslam * Gareth Hutchison * Trevor Jones * Kay Marriott * Denis O’Callaghan * Blanka Klimczak Peters * Lisa Pettersson * Katie Quinn * Ian Reddie * Ashley Russell * Linda Sheridan * Lesley Skeates * Susan Smith * Vladimir Smolyar * Philip Solovjov * Natasha Todd * John Tulloch * Christos Vroullis * Rosemary Walker * Diane Young * Michael Young.

Exhibition opening times:

  • Preview is on Friday 18 March (5.00-8pm)
  • Saturday 19 March (11am-6pm)
  • Sunday 20 March (11am-5pm)


Poster designed by Ian Reddie, member of the steering group

[credit artwork: Kate Downie]

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Report: Art in Granton (arts:hub 18-20.03.16)
Project Leaders: Ian Reddie and Gina Fierlafijn
An exhibition of over forty selected pieces, created by more than thirty artists. Granton, the Forth, Edinburgh and the sea – depicted in oils, acrylics, charcoal, watercolour, photograph, installation, mixed and found media, crochet… the media employed in the creation of works was matched only by the multitude of styles unleashed. Public reaction and praise for the exhibition was reflected in the high number of sales achieved.