September 17 2018: Rock Rose

Helianthemum nummularium
Gaelic: Grian-ros (Sun Rose)

Rockrose 3

A patch-forming plant with bright yellow flowers and dark green foliage. 

The leaves are the food plant of the Northern Brown Argus butterfly which lives on Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh. This species is part of the Square Metre for Butterflies Edinburgh Living Landscape project, where people with roof gardens or green roofs are encouraged to do just that – plant a square metre for butterflies!

Rock Rose is used as a Bach Flower remedy to help build courage and alleviate terror. It is also the county flower of Berwickshire.

Fun facts:

  • Colour: Bright yellow
  • Flowering time: Early summer
  • Type: Perennial
  • Height: Low growing
  • Habitat: Sunny, lime-rich banks and cliffs, mainly in South and East Scotland 
  • Suitable for: Rock gardens, walls, dry places

September 10 2018: Mullein

Verbascum thapsus
Gaelic: Coinneal Moire (Shepherd’s Club)

Mullein 2.jpeg

Downy leaf rosette with tall flower spike. Likes dry, base rich grassy places and grows on derelict vacant land in Edinburgh.

Fun Facts:

  • Colour: Yellow
  • Flowering time: June-September
  • Type: Biennial
  • Height: Up to 2m
  • Habitat: Sunny banks, woodland clearings
  • Suitable for: Dry soils, open, sunny sites

March 2 2018: Oxeye Daisy

Leucanthemum Vulgare
Gaelic: Neoinean Mor


A large white daisy flower with yellow centre, widely distributed in grassland habitats and on waste ground. The flower heads have bright orange pollen, which attracts pollen beetles, slaters and flies.

Fast Facts:

  • Colour: White with yellow centre
  • Flowering time: June to September
  • Type: Perennial
  • Height: Up to 1m
  • Habitat: Meadows and waste ground all over Scotland
  • Suitable for: Lightly shaded or sunny sites

January 22 2018: Fairy Foxglove

Erinus aplinus
Gaelic: Meuran-Sithe

Fairy Foxglove

A low growing alpine plant that spreads slowly with delicate small lilac or mauve flowers and rosettes of rounded lobed leaves.

Our friends at the Granton Castle Walled Garden found these during our gardening season and added them to our selection of wild flowers.

Fast Facts:

  • Colour: Lilac (sometimes can be pink or white)
  • Flowering time: May to August
  • Type: Perennial
  • Height: Up to 15 cms
  • Habitat: Old stone walls
  • Suitable for: Rockery or perennial garden – in full sun or partial shade