Steering Group

The granton:hub Steering Group consists of the following Members:

Wendy Wager, Chair Wendy is as local as you can get, having grown up in Trinity and gone to school in Wardie she now lives in Granton, a matter of yards from Madelvic House itself. A practicing Optometrist, Wendy has also been the guiding vision behind the project to re-purpose Madelvic House, having worked alongside EDI to that end since day one. Her dedication and passion to deliver a stunning result for Granton’s communities is second to none.

Louise Knight, Secretary A chartered Occupational Psychologist, Louise was one of the founders of The Keil Centre Limited, and was a director of that organisation for 12 years. As leader of their assessment and development team, she has gained considerable expertise in people and business management. Her connection to Granton is both professional; having been Recruitment and Development Manager at Christian Salvesen plc, and personal; as her Grandfather worked for United Wire when Madelvic House functioned as the company’s main office building.

Jonny Nicoll, Treasurer Jonny is currently Finance Director of a Digital Marketing company. He has worked with companies at all stages of the business life cycle from start-ups through to PLCs, providing him with extensive financial and commercial experience. He previously qualified as a Chartered Accountant with a ‘Big 4’ accountancy firm where his responsibilities included management of the Edinburgh office Corporate Social Responsibility budget.

William Black retired in 2010 after 27 years working for the energy company Scottish Power as an electrician/ cable jointer responding to emergency situations. Within Scottish Power he became senior shop steward for the trade union Unite, dealing with senior management  at a national and local level. For over 40 years he has been a community activist in North Edinburgh and played a role in creating various projects such as North Edinburgh News, Video in Pilton (now Screen Education Edinburgh) and is one of the leading organisers of North Edinburgh Fights Back which created an anti poverty charter which was endorsed and adopted by the Council. At present he is the chair of the West Pilton/West Granton Community Council, representing them on the Forth Neighbourhood Partnership. He is on the management committee of the Pilton Central Association which has been a key mover in the development of major projects in the Greater Pilton area spanning 50 years. He is also on the Management Board of West Pilton Neighbourhood Centre.

Gina Fierlafijn Reddie Born in Dendermonde (East Flanders, Belgium), Gina has lived in Edinburgh since 1989 and works at the University of Edinburgh. She is currently based at Edinburgh College of Art managing a portfolio of national and European research grants and Knowledge Exchange activities. Her wide-ranging career has included office management for a TV/film production company, product marketing for an international graphics software company and organising academic conferences. She has also enjoyed success as a researcher of digital culture and explored multimedia as an artist.

Janis Hart  Janis is a local resident, artist and performance designer, who has worked in locations all over the uk.  Janis also runs Scenehouse, an international training school for performance design in Edinburgh. As well as dance, opera and new writing  her work in theatre has included many large scale community site specific projects with hundreds of participants – which have taken place in locations as diverse as the Gorbals Rose Garden (for the 2014 Commonwealth Games), an abandoned hospital in Birmingham, Greenwich docks and other urban spaces  in London and the banks of the Water of Leith in Edinburgh. She has designed and facilitated many inclusive community projects Including two feature films.

Gareth Hutchison Gareth is a multidisciplinary Community Artist and Tutor. He has worked creatively with people of all ages and abilities including sufferers of Alzheimers and Dementia and adults and children with Autism and Down Syndrome. He has developed and delivered courses and workshops in a substantial range of subjects including drawing, painting, photography, graphic software and web design. Gareth is also an experienced exhibition curator. Winner of the 1 999 Andrew Grant Award at Edinburgh College of Art, Gareth has exhibited his work extensively.

James McKenzie A qualified accountant with an Honours Degree specialising in Art History, James has been working within the creative industries for more than thirty years. A committee member of the Edinburgh Film Guild, he went on to serve on the boards of the British Federation of Film Societies and Stills Ltd. At Edinburgh’s Filmhouse he helped develop specialist programming and education policies. A great supporter of artistic and cultural projects such as Pilton Video and Craft Scotland, his current role is as Project Manager of Screen Education Edinburgh which has revitalised the youth film sector in Edinburgh and the Lothians. He is also a member of the Edinburgh Film Steering Group.

Ian Reddie Ian is an Artist/Printmaker who has exhibited his work extensively in Scotland and across Europe. Originally a Graphic Designer, he ran his own design consultancy and production companies in London and Edinburgh. A bit of a multi-tasker he has also managed an in-house reprographics facility, been a tour guide, a property developer, a bus driver, and just for a bit of variety, he recently acted in a well known TV adaptation of historical novels set in 1 8th-century Scotland.

Barbara Robertson Barbara moved to West Granton in 1971 and raised her 2 boys there becoming actively involved in the community running voluntary playschemes in the school holidays; being a founder member of West Granton Tenants Association, the North Edinburgh News and Pilton Video. Barbara is a member of the Power to the People group, a board member of Pilton Central Association, secretary of West Pilton West Granton Community Council and is chair of the Trustees of Screen Education, Edinburgh. Barbara has a degree in Economic History and Politics from Edinburgh University and trained as a teacher at Moray House . She specialised in nursery education and taught all around Edinburgh until retiring as Head of Grassmarket Nursery School in 2012.

The trustees are:

Wendy Wager, Louise Knight and Jonny Nicoll.

updated March 2017