‘granton:hub’s aim is to re-purpose historic Madelvic House as a thriving creative and cultural centre, providing benefits both to the local community and wider communities of interest.  We will develop and manage the centre at Madelvic House with the purpose of achieving the following objectives:

I. To advance The Arts
• By providing affordable, flexible studio space for artists/makers
• By exhibiting, staging and promoting artists work and encouraging community involvement in the creating of art in all its various forms.
• By employing Artists in Residence to lead community interaction and involvement.

II. To advance Heritage
• By establishing, in collaboration with other community groups, a repository, archive, research and educational facility, and exhibition space to showcase the social, industrial and cultural history of Granton.

III. To advance Culture
• By encouraging integration of different sectors within the local community through video, exhibitions, performances and community-initiated events.

IV. To advance Education
• Through provision of a variety of workshops, classes, talks, projects and awareness-raising activities.

V. To advance Environmental Protection and Improvement
• Through promoting and facilitating community recycling and sustainability awareness, and by developing ecological community resource.

•By developing the outside space as a community garden, enhancing biodiversity and providing environmental education opportunities.

VI. To advance the Local Economy
• By providing trading opportunities for local artists/makers, the wider arts community, and local businesses.
• By providing both full-time employment of administrative and support staff, and contract employment of Artists in Residence, events and workshop providers, and performers.

VII. To advance Local Employability
• By providing training, work experience, and voluntary and paid employment opportunities in a wide range of interesting and challenging roles in the creative industries, catering, recycling, retail and environmentalism.

VIII. To provide a broad range of Recreational Activities
• By providing a welcoming public space for people to meet and learn new skills; a venue for local clubs and organisations, and for the wider arts and culture community.
• By incorporating a public-access Café in which to socialise, be exposed to, and interact with, the artistic and cultural environment of Madelvic House.

Although granton:hub sees its prime role as being that of facilitator or enabler, we envisage Madelvic House as being much more than a ‘blank canvas’ for others. We intend to lead, collaborate, coordinate and assist. Our aim is for granton:hub to be a leading strategic partner in Granton’s renaissance.