A few months ago the History Hub managed to buy at auction an original catalogue which was produced by the The Madelvic Motor Carriage Co. Ltd in 1899. This 42 page brochure has now been digitised in high-resolution format and printed on quality paper. Copies can be ordered via e-mail, admin@grantonhub.org. The cost for 1 copy is £14.00 which includes postage and packaging for dispatch within the UK.  For customers abroad please get in touch so we can calculate the cost for sending.

Details from the auction brochure:

The Madelvic Motor Carriage Co. Ltd. – 1899. A 42pp brochure by this Edinburgh company, which manufactured a patented electrically-powered ‘Automobile Carriage Front’. Printed on yellowed paper, with tinted images, simple descriptions are given but the editorial is effusive about the manufacturing quality and flexible usefulness. The card cover with a vertical crease, otherwise in good condition

Historic Note: Founded by William Peck, he offered various bodies to include a Brougham, Parcel Van and Phaeton from his factory at Granton, Edinburgh, between 1898 and 1900. The vehicle was driven by a three-wheeled front axle unit, comprising a motor, batteries and a small central wheel, set behind the axle, which propelled the vehicle. This unit was mounted to the front of a chassis, creating a five-wheeled automobile, but ‘could also be attached to any horse-drawn carriage’. The brochure also suggests that they also offered a Bus, Charabanc, Lorry and Omnibus, but print in each case that the ‘Illustration is not available at the time of going to press’, which probably implies that no such vehicles existed. The company folded in 1900, although the factory building still stands. (See image below taken recently by Gina Fierlafijn Reddie)