AB Holistic Therapies is run by Agnieszka Borowiec who has been a massage therapist since 2016. Her treatments aim at gently realigning the body and releasing tension both in muscles and in the connective tissue (fascia) which holds everything together, sometimes a bit too tight. If you don’t know which treatment to choose, you can book a session and after a short consultation, you can decide together which treatment would be most suitable for you.

Apart from offering her treatments most days in granton:hub on Thursdays she also works in Compass – which is a therapy and support centre for people with MS and other neurological conditions, https://wearecompass.org.uk/  and one or two days a month she teaches massage in the School of Holistic Therapy https://www.holistic-school.com/

Treatments offered by AB Holistic Therapies are:

Kinetic Chain Release – (KCR) gently releases tension in key joints in the body using a protocol of specific stretches. This allows your body to release restrictions and return to its natural alignment. Your improved posture helps to re-establish balance and bring a sense of ease back into your everyday movements. Some of Agnieszka’s clients call it an MOT for the body, and not without a reason.

Myofascial Release – Fascia is a three-dimensional web of connective tissue that extends throughout our bodies, surrounding organs and muscle fibres. Physical or emotional trauma can make us tense up and cause our fascia to constrict, creating pain which may be long-standing and difficult to treat. Tests such as MRI or CAT scans don’t show fascial constrictions. If these constrictions are not released properly, the fascia will remain tight, causing discomfort or pain, and may ultimately affect our health by constricting the flow of blood, nutrients and waste throughout our body.

Aesthetic Face Therapy – one of the pioneers of this method in the UK, Agnieszka is the second therapist in the country offering this 100% natural way of releasing tension in the face and neck area using deep myofascial techniques she learnt from Marie Margo, the creator of this non-surgical face lift. Aesthetic Face Therapy can be used for therapeutic and preventive purposes (problems with tension, degeneration, adhesions, stagnation of blood and lymph, degeneration of various types of tissue) and as an element of comprehensive (systemic) rejuvenation. It involves intraoral/buccal release of the tension in facial muscles and jaw. It is definitely not a spa kind of treatment.

Holistic Massage – Holistic massage is an individual treatment that is specifically tailored to each client. Holistic practitioners treat the client as a whole, taking into account their emotional and spiritual wellbeing, as well as their physical body. Massage techniques can range from subtle energy work to deep tissue methods; from dynamic mobilizations to gentle holds. Flexibility in applying this knowledge is paramount since their appropriateness must be determined by the client’s particular needs, therefore, every treatment is unique.

You can read more about her treatments and make a booking at: https://abholistictherapies.co.uk/  or contact abpainrelief@gmail.com.