Pop-up exhibition. Paintings by Claire Vaughan

19th February 2023.

granton:hub at Madelvic House.

Open to public – Sunday 19th 5.30pm – 7pm.

As part granton:hub’s ‘Members’ Meeting’ event we our very pleased & delighted to showcase the inspirational paintings of Claire Vanghan.

Despite Cerebral Palsy and hospitalisation, a condition that severely affects Claire’s everyday life and muscle function. Claire overcame all obstacles and managed to produce a collection of paintings for public show. With a continuous smile on her face, an unparalleled optimism for art and life, granton:hub would like to invite you to the public viewing of Claire Vanghan pop-up exhibition at Madelvic House.

Claire Vanghan was born with Cerebral Palsy, which has gradually affected her muscles. In her early 20’s the condition severally affected her walking ability, resulting in the permanent use of a wheelchair. Now aged 40, Claire has spent the last 11 months in the Intensive Care Unit at Western General Hospital having had a tracheostomy and waiting to be housed in a specialist care home in Granton.