We are pleased to invite you to Edinburgh’s Doors Open Day and the AGM on Sunday 25 September between 12 noon and 5pm. This is an event suitable for all ages and families are very welcome.

Our programme is as follows:

Outside, in the community garden you will get a chance to try out ancient craft wheat milling and ancient craft pottery. We will also have a plant sale. A gazebo will be put in place in case the weather is less favourable.

Inside Madelvic House we will have a series of short presentations, as follows:

Between 12.00-2pm: the History of Granton (with Kenneth Williamson and John Dickson)

Between 2.15-3pm: An update on the Iron Age log boat (with Romain Viguier)

From 3.00-3.30pm: granton:hub will hold its AGM.

At 3:30pm: Fay Butler, CEC Granton Waterfront Development Project, will give a short presentation on the latest activities in Granton.

At 4.00pm: Ann Leslie, Chief Executive of the LAR Housing Trust, will outline the proposed development plans for the Madelvic Car Factory.

Throughout the afternoon, visitors will be able to enjoy a photo exhibition on Granton’s History, the Iron Age log boat and the Madelvic Car Factory and ask many questions.

The Trustees of granton:hub and all volunteers are looking forward to meeting you!