granton:hub  would  like  to  invite  visual  artists  and  makers,  as  well  as  artist  collectives  to  use  Madelvic House as the location for their next exhibition.  

This call  for expressions of interest is  open  to  painters,  illustrators,  printmakers,  photographers,  textile  artists,  ceramicists, jewellers and new media artists to exhibit and showcase their works.

Granton:hub will make available the main exhibition room (the Sphinx) free of charge. Instead of a room  hire  charge, artists  will  be  charged  a  commission  of  20%  for  every  piece  sold.

Artists and makers will be able to book one weekend, from Friday evening (the afternoon slot is subject to availability) to Sunday evening, allocated on a first come-first served basis.

Artists can organise individual or a group exhibition, but one artist should be the main lead  and take overall responsibility.

There are no restrictions on media used, nor the size of works submitted, but please  consider that gallery space is limited. For info the sphinx room size is 8.75m x 4.7m and the ceiling is 3.3m high. Viewing beforehand is recommended.

If submitting music or digital video then please also give the running time (in minutes) and a  short description of the piece. We have a screen and moveable seating available for public  showings.


To register interest please send an e-mail to  and include a brief proposal of your  exhibition plans (maximum 100 words). In addition, give your full contact details, any social media or website (optional) and send a maximum of 3 images to give an indication of the nature of the works that will be on show.

A £10.00 deposit is required to secure the booking. This will be refunded after the exhibition, but also as a guarantee against any potential cleaning or decorating costs.


Artists will be responsible for promoting, curating and invigilating their show.

Exhibition times will be promoted through the granton:hub mailing list, website and social  media.

The kitchen may be made available depending on the nature of the exhibition and timings.


Whilst every possible care will be taken of works submitted, granton:hub cannot be  responsible for any loss or damage incurred during the exhibition. granton:hub does not  insure the exhibits. Artists are advised to insure their own work.

 Sales & Commission

Artists must attend throughout the exhibition to discuss and promote their work, and manage any sales. Granton:hub will provide a credit card payment facility for taking payments. Artists and makers who have a successful sale will be charged 20% for EACH work sold. Fees are payable by bank transfer within 2 weeks of the close of the exhibition.

 Plinths and Display Equipment

Artists will need to bring their own plinth(s).

If submitting video or music, artists must bring their own equipment and must ensure  equipment  is PAT tested, with proof of its compliance PRIOR to the exhibition opening.

 Removal of Works

The exhibition space must be vacated on Sunday evening, and be left clean and the walls  tidy and in their original condition.


It will be assumed that the organisers will be able to take photos during the event which can  be used on granton:hub social media and websites. Credits will be included where feasible.  For any further information please contact  or 07704856970.

Special notice: Madelvic House is not fully accessible. We do have a portable ramp to allow wheelchair and powerchair users to get into the building, which you will have access to, and once in the building there is level access but no there is no wheelchair accessible toilet.