We have an exciting opportunity open to all artists! Our Recycl-Age Art exhibition will be included in the Edinburgh Science Festival. The exhibition has also been selected to be part of the art of the Coastal Knowledge and RSE Young Academy of Scotland project, as the satellite arts venue for a 3-day show and artist-run workshop, funded by Edinburgh Local. 🌎

⭐ This is a unique opportunity for artists to showcase their work. Are you a painter, printmaker, photographer, textile artist, ceramicist, jeweller, composer, poet or new media artist?

♻️ Recycl-age Art is open for you to apply for our July Exhibition from the 9th-11th July 2021.

🌎 We welcome artworks that incorporate or are entirely made from recycled elements, or reflect on what recycling means, either figuratively or conceptually. More details about the exhibition can be found here on our website.

➡️ Applying couldn’t be easier. Just e-mail our arts:hub lead Gina at artingranton@grantonhub.org by 16th May.

⏺️ Please include the artwork’s title, one image, the price and full dimensions. Please also include your full contact details, and a short statement on the submitted works. A maximum of 3 artworks may be entered, but not all may be selected.