Would you like us to bring an Eco Pop-Up Shop to granton:hub? We want your opinions!

The Eco Pop-Up Shop would include plastic free and zero waste alternatives for individuals to access, so they can pursue living a more sustainable lifestyle without barriers 🌍

How it will work:

– 📦 For long life & cleaning products you would bring your own containers (or we would provide) and you can fill them up.

– ⚖️ Pay by weight/quantity so you can buy as little or as much as you need.

– ♻️ Minimal single use packaging would be involved so this reduces waste and the negative impact on the environment.

⭐️ Help us target what you would like from the Pop-Up Shop by filling in our 2 minute survey. Yes just 2 minutes of your time is all we need!

➡️ The questions we ask are:

1. Would you be interested in an Eco Pop-Up Shop in Granton located in granton:hub?

2. Which products would you like to purchase?

3. How often would you like the Eco Shop to be open?

4. What are the main barriers for you when accessing plastic free/zero waste products and services?

5. Tell us anything else you would like to mention about the potential of an Eco Shop at granton:hub.