What are your dreams for your community? Residents of Granton & Pilton can get involved in an exciting project coming to granton:hub. Granton:hub, in partnership with The Culture & Communities Mapping Project, is holding workshops in May asking you about the places you value across the city and your neighbourhood, along with ideas for future arts and culture events in your area. 

As a participant, you will be asked:

  • to take photographs of places in your local area that you normally visit or feel familiar with – places you would go to meet with family and friends, to get inspired, to go for a walk or de-stress. 
  • work with large paper maps that we will provide to point out spaces you care about in your neighbourhood and across the city.
  • use the maps to think about arts and culture events and opportunities that you would like to see in your neighbourhood

These workshops are open to residents of Granton & Pilton.

The workshops will take place in early to mid-May, either in-person at granton:hub, if guidelines allow, or through an online workshop. Participants can also take part in their own time at home, using a packet of materials we will deliver to you.

Participants will be paid a fee for taking part in the project. 

Residents of Granton & Pilton sign up to participate in this project by contacting our team member Toni at community@grantonhub.org

For more details on this project, please visit: https://www.edinburghculturalmap.org/research/your-city-your-dreams/