Granton:hub’s gardening group have created two new wildflower seed mixes, available to buy for only £1 each. 

The Meadow seed mix has been formulated for general use, while the Coastal Grassland mix, which has more specialist coastal plants included, would do well in free draining conditions in more exposed locations such as window boxes.

Both seed mix packs are available directly from the Gardening Group, and will be on sale at our AGM.

For full details and further advice on cultivating your own square metre meadow, come along to the garden any Wednesday morning between 10am and 1pm or email us at wildflowers@

Further information

The Meadow mix contains: Autumn hawkbit; Common bent; Cowslip; Crested dog’s tail; Devil’s bit scabious; Greater knapweed; Lady’s bedstraw; Oxeye daisy; Red clover; Red fescue; Selfheal; St John’s wort; Sweet vernal grass; White campion.

The Coastal Grassland mix contains: Common bent; Common centaury; Cut-leafed cranesbill; Danish scurvygrass; Lady’s bedstraw; Kidney vetch; Sea campion; Sea mayweed; Sea plantain; Scots lovage; Thrift; Wild carrot; Vipers bugloss.

Not every species may be contained in each pack.

Growing notes

Mixes are best sown in March-April by scattering the seed and gently raking into a prepared seed bed. Wildflowers don’t like fertile conditions so if you’re converting an existing lawn its a good idea to remove the turf, then fork over and rake the earth to create a fine tilth, adding sand to bring up the level to the rest of the lawn.