The following tasks are aimed at growing granton:hub’s activities to provide measurable benefits to the local community, support granton:hub

SCIO’s purposes and develop a sustainable business model which reduces the need for grant funding for core operations over time.

The aims of the Treasurer role are to:

1. Take money in: monitor and maintain records of all sources of income, which includes room hire payments, commission payments, donations and grant funding

2. Pay money out: make payments due (to artists or others commissioned by granton:hub to carry out work) or for granton:hub purchases

3. Provide accounting information to meet reporting requirements and aid decision making: maintain income and expenditure records to meet the requirements of the granton:hub Board of Trustees, grant funding bodies and the charity regulator (OSCR)

4. Support the Board of Trustees in making grant funding applications and financial planning: monitor income and expenditure to ensure continuing operations are funded and to work towards financial sustainability.

Closing date on 30 June at 5pm

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