granton:hub is seeking proposals from experienced Community Engagement professionals to deliver a project between now (mid-March) and June 2017.

We have secured funding for a programme of Community Engagement to support our next phase of development. We are now looking for an experienced person, with a proven track record of successful delivery of community engagement, to carry out a project on our behalf over the next 4 months, for which we have allocated a budget of £2350.

The stages of the project will fit around our timeline between April and June, to include a launch event on the 29-30 April (funded through Celebrate Scotland) and a May programme of classes, workshops and activities, delivered by members of the steering group, Artists in Residence, partners and others.

Reporting to the Trustees, the aims of this Community Engagement project are to:

  • Identify and target people in the local community who are most likely to want to get involved in and benefit from granton:hub’s activities
  • Maximise awareness and involvement of the local community and other communities of interest in our launch event (29/30 April) and follow-up activities programme (May)
  • Co-ordinate the organisation of the launch event to maximise its community engagement and business development potential
  • Clarify the niche that granton:hub is best suited to fill in relation to other local groups and services
  • Prepare a report evidencing local needs and the benefits granton:hub can provide to fulfil these needs and evaluating the feasibility of the proposed range of activities. This should be written in a way that will support successful funding applications for a permanent presence in Madelvic House, justifying making building alterations and employing staff.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal for this work, please contact by Friday 17th March.

We require details on how you will meet the project’s objectives, what methods you will use, what the deliverables will be.

Please read this briefing document carefully before you submit your details.

We look forward to hearing from you.