April 2016

Science Festival

granton:hub at the Science Festival. We were exhibiting at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation showing the history of the Madelvic car. In the courtyard a newer model is now available…
A chat with guest speaker Robert Llewellyn (Kryten, Red Dwarf) who hinted at re-building the old model. We cannot wait to see that Scrapheap Challenge TV episode!


Madelvic Car

Poster by Ian Reddie, member of the steering group

Science Festival: 7 April

granton:hub will be at the Science festival! We will be showing the history of the Madelvic car – come and visit us!

Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, the UK’s leading hub for low carbon ideas, give you the chance to explore new low carbon technologies, vehicles and ideas with a full day event at their award winning, low carbon hub. Explore display stands, new technologies and a series of lectures and discussions looking at how and why electric vehicles are an important part of our future mobility.
11am–5pm | drop-in on Saturday 7 April
Free | Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation

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